10 Reasons to Love Living in Pleasanton

1. Love at First Wednesdays!

If you don’t fall in love with Pleasanton at first sight, you will at First Wednesdays! It’s a party, it’s a street fair, it’s a tradition that takes place every first Wednesday from May through September. Downtown Pleasanton is closed to traffic and open to residents as they enjoy food, drink, and fun provided by local artisans, businesses, clubs and charities. Each First Wednesday takes on a different theme and takes place on Main Street from 6-9pm.

2. The Downtown ROCKS…literally!

On Friday mornings from the beginning of June through the end of August, you’ll notice blankets placed strategically throughout Lions Wayside and Delucchi Parks. Later that evening, blanket owners will arrive to rock out and enjoy the free concerts in the park. Each concert is sponsored by a different local business and the music spans several genres with one component in common…the beat and energy creates a vibe you don’t want to miss!

3. You don’t have to go far for a corn dog, cotton candy and horse races!

That’s right, Pleasanton is home to the Alameda County Fair! Every year you can get your fill of fair food, fun rides and activities, local performers and exhibits and the thrill of betting on a winner at the race track!

4. It’s a great place for kids to grow up!

As a former resident of Pleasanton who went to Fairlands Elementary, Harvest Park Middle School and Amador Valley High School I can personally attest to the great schools! Hey, I turned out alright!  But seriously, between all the amazing schools and extracurricular activities…Pleasanton is a great place for kids! Neighborhood cabana clubs boast summer swim teams and the Pleasanton Sports Park meets the needs of nearly every team sport you could imagine…not to mention the skate park!

5. You can train like an elite athlete, even if you’re a weekend warrior!

Club Sport and The Quad are 2 world class fitness centers that don’t just keep fitness enthusiasts healthy, they provide the perfect training atmosphere for athletes…literally! I just happen to be training for my 4th Ironman race and I take advantage of AirFit at The Quad. AirFit is the largest altitude training facility in North America and can simulate conditions at 22,000 feet, similar to that of Mount Kilimanjaro.

6. Whether haunted or not, the food is freakin’ good!

Oldschool restaurants Blue Agave and Gay Ninetie’s have been said to be haunted. Now that’s up for dispute, but their awesome pizza and margaritas are undisputedly delicious! Other favorites include…Haps and Deans, which bring you back to P-town’s roots. Newschool staples like Barone’s and Nonni’s Bistro offer impeccable service and food for a perfect date night!

7. You can get soft serve ice cream, almond milk and eggs at the drive-through!

The Meadowlark Dairy opened in 1900 and was the first certified dairy in California. In 1969, they opened a drive-through downtown on Neal Street that is still open today! My grandparents, parents, myself and my kids don’t miss an opportunity to drive or ride our bikes through on a hot day to get the best soft serve ice cream in town!

8. You can go BIG, and then go home!

Whether you mountain bike or hike, the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park will work your legs over on trails to elevations of over 1600 feet! If water sports are more your speed, no worries! Shadow Cliffs Regional Park includes an 80 acre lake for swimming, boating, fishing and bird watching.

9. George the Jeweler has your back!

George and his family will treat you like family at Kasaria Jewelers. That is the feeling you get from local shop owners in Pleasanton! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for downtown, you can always head to Stoneridge Mall where you’ll have access to all of life’s basic necessities. A family trip to the mall for us would not be complete without stopping at Apple, The Lego Store, Lush, and of course a quick “peek” at Nordstrom.

10. You’ll wear your Pleasanton pride proudly!

Whether you grew up there or live there now, one thing’s for sure…we are all proud to call picturesque Pleasanton our hometown. Over the years it has somehow managed to hold on to it’s small town charm while high-tech companies like Oracle have moved in. The extension of BART which provides public transportation around the Bay Area and to San Francisco have enabled Pleasanton to sprout roots beyond it’s Tri-Valley borders and make it a sought after suburban home base for Silicon Valley transplants and just about anyone who visits here.

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